Accommodation with priority 1

1. Make an inquiry

On the page with available apartments you select the "Studentbostad" (student housing) box and click “sök” (search). When you have found an accomodation you're interested in you click the button "Gör en intresseanmälan" (make an inquiry).

Important! You can only make one inquiry within your priority 1, so choose your object carefully. At the same time, you need to be quick – if you wait too long before you press the "Gör en intresseanmälan" button, someone else may have taken it.

2. Check up of conditions

When you make your inquiry, the chosen accomodation disappears from the web and is reserved temporary for you. We then conduct a check up to make sure that you meet the conditions for a student accomodations. You don't have to send us any documents to prove that you're admitted to Karlstad University since we get that data automatically.

3. Contract offer

If you match the conditions for the student accomodation, we will e-mail you a contract offer for the accomodation you inquired. You must answer to this offer before 12 am on the third day after you received the offer, or the offer will be missed and you're no longer a part of the priority 1. We will confirm that we have received your answer.
Example: If you receive an offer at the 10th of August, you must answer before 12 am the 13th.

4. Contract

If you accept the contract, we conduct a credit history verification. We will then send a letter with two contracts. Sign both and return one of them to us. The mailing informs you of the time frame that you must return it to us.

5. Collect the keys

The keys and your accommodation's inspection form can be picked up from 13.00 (1 pm) on the access day. You pick them up at the area's caretaker office. You will receive more information about the exact adress together with the contract. Remember to bring a valid ID.

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