How to apply

To get started, you register yourself for mina sidor (my pages). You can then log in at any time to track your cases.

When you register, you need to activate yourself as a student. To do this, select the name of your university and press the button "hämta studerandeuppgifter" (fetch student details). Then you press the button labeled "aktivera mig som student" (activate me as a student) and immediately get an answer to which of the following priority types you have. If this does not work, please e-mail your letter of admission to bobutiken@kbab.se


If you're not able to activate yourself as a student, please contact Bobutiken and we will help you.

Types of priority

  • Priority 1
    Only students with priority 1 can apply for accomodation before the start of each semester.
  • Priority 2
    You live in a commuting distance (see box to the right) and will be able to apply for apartments later on during the semester.
  • No priority
    You already live in Karlstad. You can still search for student housing, but have to wait until everyone else have got their accomodations.

You don't have to choose any geographical location ("Boendeprofil") when you apply for student housing, but enter it anyway if you want to collect points in order to get a regular apartment when your studies are completed.

Search for available accommodations

We publish two different types of student accommodation:

  1. Accommodation for those with priority 1
    Only persons who have Priority 1 can apply for these. The way that you apply for this type of accommodation differs a bit from how you search for other KBAB apartments.
    How to search for accommodation with priority 1 (in Swedish) 
  2. Ordinary student accommodation
    All students can apply for these.


  • It is very important that you check your email daily during the application process. Since the demand is so great, we need to get quick answers from you when we have found a suitable or send offer of contract. If you do not resond within the time specified in the email, you miss the offer. Don't forget to check your spam folder and make sure that your e-mail account isn't full. Please visit mina sidor (my pages) to check your current inquiries, just in case that the e-mail message for some reason hasn't reached you.
  • Once you have agreed to a contract you are no longer in house warranty. If you want to change residence, you still have an opportunity later in the semester, when we publish accommodations that are still vacant. More about priority 1 can be found here (in Swedish).
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