How to apply

This information is for those of you who are applying for accomodation during fall semester 2016.

1. Fill in the application form

june5As soon Karlstad university confirms to us that you are pre-registered for an exchange program, you will get an application form from us by e-mail. Fill out the application form sent to your e-mail as soon as possible. Last day: June 5th 2016.


Accommodations are rented for the whole semester. Fall: Aug 1st – Dec 31st . Spring: Jan 1st –June 30th . If you are interested in renting for a period less than one semester, you will need to arrange your own accommodation.

Room types

We offer three different room sizes at Campus Futurum, located just minutes away from the university. Select the type you prefer in the application form. Since the number of rooms is limited, we cannot guarantee that you get the one you choose. It is not possible to change the room you were given, even if it’s bigger or smaller than the one you requested.

The sooner you send on your application form, the greater chances of getting the room of your choice.

2. Confirmation from us

june15You will receive an automatic reply that confirms that we have received your application. When your application has been manually processed, we send you another e-mail that confirms your reservation and informs you about the room we have given you. Since we receive a lot of applications at the same time, it may take a while before you receive this confirmation. Please be patient. Contact us if you haven’t received a confirmation by June 15th 2016.

What if I don’t become admitted for studies?

If you don’t become admitted for studies at Karlstad University, we will not make any room reservation for you.

3. Contract and keys

august1Starting date for your contract is August 1st. Earliest date to get your keys is August 8th. When you arrive at Karlstad: visit the caretakers’ office at Campus during their regular opening hours (Mon–Fri 1pm–3pm) to sign the contract and get your keys. Last day to appear and sign your contract is Septembert 16th 2016.

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